Announcement about virtual Conference for Isemantic 2020

Dear Author and presenter, due to COVID-19 pandemic, we change the conference format into virtual conference as suggestion from IEEE. Thus, in here, we want to give the detailed procedure to attend the virtual conference presentation.

Important outline:

  1. For the seminar ceremony and keynote speaker presentation, we will use YouTube Live, Digital terrestrial television from TVKU (name of broadcaster brand) and Zoom Webinar. The detailed link will be provided in following days at website page.
  2. Accepted author needs to record their presentation and upload to YouTube. The length of recording is 10~15 minutes (appropriate is 10 minutes). The recording must have voice of author, picture of author (or video of author present) and the presentation (can use slideshow). the author can record using screen recorder or Camtasia or OBS (up to the author).
  3. The link of YouTube and the presentation file (PPT or PDF), can be send to and CC to with the title of email is: isemantic_2020_upload_number_paper. For example:
    1. Email title: isemantic_2020_upload_1570635894
    2. Email Body: YouTube Link
    3. Attachment: presentation file (either PPT or PDF)
  4. The deadline for submission the YouTube link on email is September 04, 2020 at 23.30 WIB (04:30 PM UTC)
  5. After the author send the YouTube link, author needs to attend the dry run parallel session (rehearsal) and parallel session in virtual conference. The schedule and rooms can be found in next page. (For Quick Search, just search your paper number)
  6. Dry run and parallel session in virtual conference will be held using Google Meet.
  7. Author needs to attend both dry run and parallel session.
  8. At Dry Run and Parallel Session, the author needs to present live and orally, if found problem in connection, the moderator will play the presentation (which downloaded from YouTube) video from respected author.
  9. Author must attend in the room for Question and Answering Session. If Author leave or not attend the presentation, then we consider the author not attend the presentation.
  10. Both dry run and Parallel Session, we are using English Language and recoding during session progress.
  11. Moderator will moderate opening, question, feedback and closing.
  12. After presentation, we will send the presenter certificate, seminar booklet (which consist program rundown and abstract from accepted papers)
  13. For the certificate, please fill the google form using following link:

P.S: following guidance from IEEE which can be obtained at: , in section: can anybody hear me; by submitting the video presentation at YouTube, the author agree and give the iSemantic 2020 to have rights to download publish it into YouTube in specified channel’s playlist so any viewers (attendees) can watch the video presentation at times that are convenient for them

We are looking forward to meet you at ceremony and parallel session.


Best Regards

Dr. Moch. Arief Soeleman, M.Kom

Chair of Technical Program Committee
International Seminar on Application for Technology of Information and Communication 2020

Parallel Session

Important Dates


Submission Deadline (Early Bird) April 30, 2020
Submission Deadline (Regular) May 31, 2020
Submission Deadline (Extended) June 30, 2020
Notification of Acceptance July 20, 2020
Submission of Camera Ready papers August 18, 2020
Registration Deadline August 24, 2020
Conference  19, 20 September 2020


Register for iSemantic 2020 here.