A. Computer Science and Information Technology

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Hybrid Intelligent Systems
  3. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  4. Soft Computing and Hybrid Soft Computing
  5. e-Science and e-Systems
  6. Virtual Reality, Visualization and Computer Games
  7. Parallel and Distributed Architectures and Systems
  8. Performance Engineering of Computer & Communication Systems
  9. Design and Digital Media (Animation, Game, and Multimedia)
  10. IOT (Internet of Things), Smart City, Smart Home
  11. Data Analytics and Big Data
  12. Internet Modelling, Semantic Web and Ontologies
  13. Multimedia Technology
  14. Mobile Computing
  15. Parallel/ Distributed Computing
  16. Computer Vision
  17. Data Compression
  18. Data Encryption
  19. Database Systems


B. Electrical and Electronic Technology

  1. Energy, Power Generation, and Distribution
  2. Power Line Communication
  3. Electric Motor and Drives
  4. Power Electronics
  5. System Identification and Control
  6. Robotics, Cybernetics, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Control
  7. Image, Speech and Signal Processing
  8. Bio-informatics and Bio-Medical Engineering
  9. Control Systems and Embedded System
  10. Circuits, Sensors, and Devices
  11. Communication Systems
  12. Mobile/Ad hoc wireless networks, mobicast, sensor placement, target tracking
  13. Manufacturing Automation
  14. Process, Manufacturing & Control


C. E-computing Technologies

  1. E-Services
  2. E-Marketing
  3. E-Business Technology
  4. E-government and m-government
  5. E-commerce and m-commerce
  6. Information system and Information Management
  7. Accounting Information System
  8. Auditing Information System
  9. Enterprise Information System
  10. Database Design for Business Application
  11. Operation Technology in Banking System
  12. Industry, Business, and Management
  13. Transport, Logistics, Harbor, Shipping and Marine Simulation
  14. Supply Chain Management
  15. Digital Economy


D. Technology for Language and Literature Study

  1. Digital literacy, integration of mobile technologies into teaching and learning
  2. The Technology of  Multilingualism  and multiliteracies
  3. Information technology for culture development
  4. Information technology for language learning
  5. Languages, arts, and digital humanities


E. e-Health Technology

  1. E-health and m-health
  2. Application in Healthcare
  3. Health Information System
  4. Biomedical Technology


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Important Dates


Submission Deadline (Early Bird) May 26, 2019
Submission Deadline (Regular) June 30, 2019
Submission Deadline (Extended) July 28, 2019
Notification of Acceptance August 4, 2019
Submission of Camera Ready papers August 18-20, 2019
Registration Deadline August 25, 2019
Conference  21, 22 September 2019


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